Forensic Accounting for Lawyers – Bathurst 14 October 2010

As forensic accountants, we are often delivering papers to various conferences and legal firms and we are pleased to be able to bring those seminars closer to you in Bathurst.

On 14 October 2010 at Citigate Mount Panorama, Bathurst, we are holding a full day of seminars on Personal Injury, Family Law, Commercial Litigation and Internet Marketing for Lawyers
The Personal Injury session will focus on how to maximise the claim for economic loss especially in self employed cases and discuss the different ways that the problems associated with economic claims can be addressed.

The Family Law session covers business valuations and the most common errors that accountants make. These simple errors often result in massive overstatements of business value. We have also added to this session our experiences in the collaborative process.

The Commercial Litigation session examines how to recognise creative or manipulated accounting and case studies of how to approach the claim to acheive a better result.

The Internet Marketing session draws on my experience on how to create simple, inexpensive internet strategy that delivers new clients and work to your door.

Directors of Dolman Bateman, Arnold Shields and Fiona Bateman will be available throughout the seminar to discuss individual cases with you on a one-on-one basis, so that you can get a overview of how we would approach the issue of economic loss and what additional information you should ask for.

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We look forward to seeing you there.