Small Business Internet Strategy

It’s pretty simple …we want to create a sales team for your business –

a sales team that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

internet-marketing-strategyThis sales team will:

  • find your target customers,
  • talk to them,
  • tell them the great benefits of doing business with you,
  • provide testimonials,
  • build trust,
  • overcome objections,
  • collect their name and address,
  • follow them up, and
  • close the sale
  • … all on autopilot.

A quick overview of my 10 steps to a successful internet strategy are

  1. Get a website – not just any website – you need a WordPress website.
  2. Understand SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – There are rules to having high ranking Google pages – you need to know them – because you will be using them every day.
  3. Measurement– I’m sure that you have heard “What you can measure you can manage” – there are some great free tools – Google Analytics and Google Webmaster by Google that tell you where you visitors came from, where they visited, what keywords they used etc. You need to install those on your WordPress site.
  4. Write Blogs – why blogs … because people love blogs and  Google loves blogs. Blogs are a very effective way to build reputation and trust with your customers. Try to write at least 3 blogs per week.
  5. Keep them coming back – Developing ideas that will keep your target customers coming back to your site.
  6. Building your email list – Very few people will buy on the first visit to your site. Studies have shown that email is one of the most effective online selling mechanisms.
  7. Website Optimisation – Your website will require constant tweaking so that you can get people to stay longer and buy more. There is a vast array of techniques available.
  8. Social Media – It’s about spreading the word. The social media that you use will depend on the target demographics of your target customers.
  9. Email your list – Your list are the people who trust you and are most likely to buy from you. You will have to email them on a regular basis.
  10. Don’t stop – Keep on writing blogs, listen to want your customers are looking for, develop ebooks, develop tools, continue building your email list, optimise your site, use social media.

All this probably seems pretty complicated at the moment, but the steps are not difficult to learn but …

understanding and implementing this strategy is vital to the long term survival of your business.

This process does not require a lot of time each week, but to get the best results you need to allocate time each week to:

  1. Creating content – blogs and pages and
  2. Understanding internet concepts so that you can implement them.

Do not try and do this whole list in straight away. Consider it as an ongoing project.

If you want to find out more, please contact Arnold Shields to see how we can help.