Xero Tip – How To Reconcile Hundreds of Transactions In Seconds

Today we are going to show you how to reconcile hundreds of bank transactions within seconds on Xero. This helpful tip will enable you to categorise, organise and reconcile all at the same time.

Xero imports the daily transactions automatically from your nominated bank account into the accounting software by means of automatic bank feeds. If you have a business account or even an individual account it is likely you have many transactions passing through your account every day and hundreds each month.

So as the bank feeds fill up Xero with unreconciled items you may be dreading the moment you have to work through all of the transactions. This video will demonstrate not only how to reconcile your bank accounts in Xero but how to reconcile large numbers of transactions more efficiently by cash coding.

Download the Step by Step System as a PDF

 Download the Full Procedure as PDF

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