Xero: How To Create Quotes Using Purchase Orders

Create Quotes In Xero Using Purchases Orders

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients is how to create quotes in Xero.

There is no direct method for creating quotes as Xero does not have a Quotes function but there is a two workaround’s that you can use.

Both methods require some work in setting them up ( 2-3 minutes) but once set up they are very easy to use.

This workaround uses the new Purchase Order functionality in Xero and this method is ideal for service invoices rather than item invoices.

Many small businesses that have the need to send quotes for services will probably not use buy goods and services via purchases orders, so using it for Quotes keeps the quotes separate from invoices.

We have a step by step process as a PDF that you can download and add to your folder of accounting systems.

 Download the Full Procedure as PDF