Xero How To Apply Credit Notes to Outstanding Invoices

Apply Credit Note To Invoice

How to create a credit note and apply it to outstanding invoices.

Plus how to apply an unapplied credit note to outstanding invoices

We have a Step by Step Procedure downloadable as a PDF available for download. Just click the link below.

 Download the Full Procedure as PDF


In this video we are going to look at how to create a credit note and also how to apply the credit not to and outstanding invoice.

So let’s create the credit note first – we will go to ‘new’, ‘credit note’ and we are going to invoice Pinnacle Management.

So now that is all enetered, we can approve that and we can then apply it to this larger invoice here so we will allocate the credit and we can see that the credit note is all allocated.

You might email it or print it off for your files or send it off to your client.

Now I want to look at how to apply an outstanding credit note to an outstanding invoice so we will go back to ‘sales’ – see ‘all’ and we will try to find a credit note here.

This one is for City Limousine and up here it has ‘credit note options’ so we want to allocate the credit. There are two amounts here, so we could actually allocate a portion say $50 to that one and $10.50 to this invoice.

Allocate the credits, and it will show which invoices it has been allocated to.

Fairly simple – So this is how you create a credit note and allocate it to particular invoices.