Tax Tips for the 2014 Year

Tax Tips For The 2014 Year

Many of you are business owners and investors. This article has been written to assist you with your year-end tax considerations, but I suggest that these may be only some of the points you need to consider – along with…

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Financial Planners causing untold harm to investors

Financial Planners Causing Untold Harm To Investors

“Far too many times in this industry have we seen individuals with little to no actual training – both technically and practically – causing untold harm to investors and by extension to the planning industry,” former Liberal Leader John Hewson…

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Commonwealth Financial Planning Compensation Investigation

Commonwealth Financial Planning (CFP), is to compensate clients who received inappropriate financial advice from one of their financial planners following an ASIC Investigation. CFP will appoint an independent expert to review the implementation of the client compensation program and the…

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Statement of No Advice

We have been amazed at the number of people who are being asked to sign a "Statement of No Advice" by their financial Advisors. Why would the advisors ask you to do that? They don't have to take responsibility for…

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