Small Business Tools for your business

It can be stressful managing all the responsibilities and activities involved in running your own small business. This is a given, but with the use of the right digital tools, stress can be mitigated and time can be saved.  Indeed, regardless of whether you’re in the planning stages of starting your new business, or you’re

6 Tips to Reducing Your Stress Levels at Work

By adopting these tips into your daily routine you will feel less stressed, able to approach obstacles and challenges throughout the day, focus on what you want to achieve, higher level of work satisfaction and increase your overall level of fulfillment. Tip 1 – Wake up earlier Getting a head start on your day by

Choosing a motor vehicle expense method

The complexity associated with the selection of a motor vehicle expense method is now slightly lessened due to changes proposed, and subsequently passed, in the Government’s 2015-2016 Federal Budget. In previous income tax years, there were four methods one could choose from. However, for the 2015-2016 tax period and all following periods, the one-third actual