Average Weekly Earnings for Construction Workers in Personal Injury Claims

Based on approximately 33 years’ experience in the building industry – as a director of a building company, providing taxation and business advice to a number of building industry clients, and providing forensic services relating to the building industry – it is my opinion that the Australian Bureau … [Read more...]

Pre-Judgment Interest Calculator

prejudgement interest calculator

From 1 July 2010, the basis for the calculation of pre-judgment interest changed whereby interest is calculated by reference to the Reserve Bank of Australia Cash Rate plus 4%. This new method of calculating interest is intended to apply throughout Australia with amendments having already being made … [Read more...]

Forensic Accounting for Lawyers – Bathurst 14 October 2010


As forensic accountants, we are often delivering papers to various conferences and legal firms and we are pleased to be able to bring those seminars closer to you in Bathurst. On 14 October 2010 at Citigate Mount Panorama, Bathurst, we are holding a full day of seminars on Personal Injury, Family … [Read more...]

Dolman Bateman Online Tools used by Supreme Court

Justice Robson of the Victorian Supreme Court in the matter of Linton Shirreff v Elazac Pty Ltd (2010) VSC 381 referred to the use of our online tools in his determination of the economic loss damages. Our online tools which are specifically designed for personal injury lawyers are gaining wide … [Read more...]

My business is worth WHAT!

business worth

As a Forensic Accountant, I’ve had the following conversation too many times… Business Owner – “I’ve decided it’s time to retire. How much is my business worth?” Advisor – “How much do you think it’s worth?” Business Owner – “I really don’t know but, if I had to guess, I’d say around $2.5 Million. … [Read more...]

Domestic Care Rates Updated – May 2010

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the Average Weekly Earnings for May 2010. This data is used for the calculation of domestic care claims in NSW and Victoria and the probable earnings thresholds for the Civil Liability Act. The latest rates are: Weekly Hourly … [Read more...]

Challenging Business Valuations in Family Law

Challenging business valuations in Family Law

I recently gave a presentation for Legalwise Seminars on Understanding and Challenging Business in Family Law at the Hilton Hotel Sydney. Audience participation really picked up on the two main areas of Future Maintainable Earnings valuations being the valuators subjective opinion on the level of … [Read more...]