Judgment Interest Calculators Updated for latest RBA Cash Rate

We have just updated our pre-judgment and post-judgment interest calculators for the latest RBA Cash Rate of 2.75% Pre-judgment interest is now calculated for most jurisdictions throughout Australia on the basis of 4% over the RBA cash rate as at 31 December and 30 June each year. Post … [Read more...]

Past Economic Loss Calculator

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Personal Injury Past Economic Loss Calculator. This new calculator saves personal injury lawyers valuable time in calculating past economic loss in personal injury matter. The calculator only requires three variables, date of accident, date of hearing … [Read more...]

Compound Interest in 25 Seconds

We have just released a new calculator in the Lawyers Section - Compound Interest. This handy little calculator provides you with the compound interest on an amount between two dates at an interest rate. We usually use Excel to calculate compound interest, so this calculator makes the … [Read more...]

Fox v Wood Calculator

We recently surveyed our Lawyers Section Members to vote on what new calculators they would like to see. And the winner was ..... Fox v Wood Calculator. So we are pleased to announce the latest calculator in the Lawyers Section of Dolman Bateman being the Fox v Wood Calculator. The … [Read more...]

Negligence of Financial Planners – Webinar

In this month's Webinar, Fiona Bateman  and I are examining actions against financial planners and investment advisers for negligent advice. We are involved currently with many actions against financial advisors including: Managed Investment Schemes Margin Lending Inappropriate I … [Read more...]

Financial Planners causing untold harm to investors

“Far too many times in this industry have we seen individuals with little to no actual training – both technically and practically – causing untold harm to investors and by extension to the planning industry,” former Liberal Leader John Hewson said in an interview with IFA. Words of Wisdom In a wor … [Read more...]

Business Plan Template for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Spending too much time working in your business rather than on it? We would like to announce our FREE business plan template for entrepreneurs and business owners. The template provides an easy to understand framework to: future proof your business as much as possible asses the performance … [Read more...]