Fiona Bateman featured on ‘The Small Business Show’

On the 22nd of August this year, Fiona Bateman, a director at Dolman Bateman was featured on the 'The Small Business Show' on radio station 2RRR - 88.5FM where she talked about her background in forensic accounting and gives some advice to small businesses in regards to staff agreements. To listen … [Read more...]

Average weekly earnings for May 2012 released

The Australian bureau of statistics has just released the latest average weekly earnings for May 2012. ( We have updated our domestic care calculator to reflect these new rates being $26.36 per hour the New South Wales and $25 per hour for … [Read more...]

Excel Tax Calculator for Fox vs Wood Personal Injury Claims [VIDEO]

One of the many uses for our excel tax calculator addin is the calculation of Fox vs Wood personal injury claims. In this video we explain what constitutes these types of claims, what it means for you and how to easily work out how much tax can be claimed through simple inputs into our add … [Read more...]

I hated doing tax calculations for personal injury matters until …

When I first started with Dolman Bateman over 16 years ago, all the tax calculations that we did for personal injury economic loss reports were done manually – looking up tax tables. It became even worse when we made a correction or changed the level of earnings- all the tax calculations had to b … [Read more...]

PAYG Tax Scam Thwarted by Changes to Australian Tax Laws

At the end of June this year, changes in legislation on Tax were made in attempt to close off tax scams involved in phoenixing activity. Previously directors were able to pass on the PAYG withholding liabilities to the company entity. This allowed for the situation where companies could file for … [Read more...]

Compensation to Relatives Webinar Replay

In this webinar, we discuss the processes that we use in calculating Compensation to Relatives claims and in particular determining the level of dependency. There are a number of different ways that you can calculate dependency from using the tables in Lundtz, Australian Bureau of Statistics - … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Property Out of Family Companies & Trusts

Transferring property from family companies and trusts in Family Law settlements is fraught with a number of potential problems including: Capital Gains Tax Stamp Duty Division 7A GST The incorrect approach can create both current capital tax tax liabilities and future capital gains tax … [Read more...]