LinkedIn: Strategically Expanding Your Business

LinkedIn: Strategically Expanding Your Business

Many people may try networking but find it doesn’t yield the results they are hoping for. Most people are not trained in networking. However, there are important approaches that will help you to succeed in networking. You have to become clear about what you are seeking, so here are some t … [Read more...]

Building a Community around your Business

Building a Community for your Business

With the rise of Social Media, the focus is moving to building online communities around your business, by bringing together people who are fans of your business. There are a couple of approaches that you can use to build an online community around your business. The first is leveraging existing … [Read more...]

Google Places


Google Places powers the map listings whenever you search for a term with local intent like "restaurants sydney". One of the great things about Google Places is that you can leapfrog your competition and many larger sites for users in your area. Search for your business using a general … [Read more...]

Linkedin: Reach, Engagement and Reciprocity of Business

Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn Networking

Reach, Engagement and Reciprocity (RER) is the new marketing philosophy that focuses upon building and maintaining relationships. Strategising Reach, Engagement and Reciprocity builds community.  Often business and the community appear separate worlds, however today these communities are … [Read more...]

LinkedIn for Lawyers – What is all the fuss about?

Life without doubt is speeding up, so much so that sometimes it is hard to make time to save time.  If you haven’t heard of LinkedIn then perhaps today you have discovered the missing link or should I say effective links.  Networking as a tool for generating more clients and preserving relationships … [Read more...]

Video Marketing – Will It Blend?


Video is a very powerful medium to market your services and products. One of the more famous video marketing campaigns is Blendtec - Will it Blend? in which the founder of Blendtec, Tom Dickson blends everyday items like iPhones, golf balls in his  Blendtec blender. The video series have had over … [Read more...]

Does Your Site Get Enough Traffic?

web traffic

Does your website have enough traffic to be effective as a lead generator for your business? Your website is like any other marketing and sales activity that you conduct - only a percentage of the people that you contact will actually become a customer. It all becomes a numbers game. Let's … [Read more...]