Supercharging Your Practice: Internet Marketing for Lawyers

I am pleased to be presenting at some more Legalwise seminars in November, this time on how lawyers can use the internet to generate more work for their practice. I strongly believe that the internet is no longer an optional extra for business and having an integrated internet marketing strategy is … [Read more...]

Making the most of the drive to work

I have been using my time driving to work each day listening to podcasts by which I have downloaded to my iPhone via iTunes. WebMasterRadio has about 40 different radio shows on a whole range of topics associated with internet marketing. One of their new weekly shows is The Joel … [Read more...]

Catch The Video Marketing Wave To Success

In the not too distant past, producing and distributing videos to promote your business was costly and time consuming. However, the exponential growth of video sharing sites on the internet, such as YouTube, has now turned video into a very cost-effective marketing method. Video marketing is … [Read more...]

Is Social Media Changing Business?

Social Media is changing the way business is conducted and evidence is mounting that it has now reached a critical mass and that all businesses need to develop a social media strategy and be actively involved in Social Media. Social Media is using technology to create multi-directional … [Read more...]

Measuring website design effectiveness

As some of you may have noticed, we have recently changed the design of our site. We get a reasonable number of visitors to our site and the comparison period had roughly the same number of visitors, so the statistics from Google Analytics can be viewed with some authority. Results 14.98% i … [Read more...]

What is Cloud Hosting and How it can Save you Money

I just moved our servers across to a cloud hosting environment with and the performance of our sites went through the roof. Granted our old shared hosting environment was pretty slow. With cloud hosting, you buy nodes of computing capacity in the cloud. The cloud being a large mass of … [Read more...]

Keeping track of your competitors online with Google Alerts

A really simple free way of keeping track of what your competitors are doing online is Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a notification service that will email you on any topic (based on keywords) that you want. You can find out: What your competitors are doing online. Keep track of your … [Read more...]