Understanding Financial Statements Video Replay

A video replay of our Understanding Financial Statements webinar. In the webinar, I revealed the 3 most important factors to look for when looking at a Profit and Loss Statement. These 3 tips will save you demystify your financial accounts and provide the framework for further … [Read more...]

Video Introduction for $5

Not everyone likes to read and we have been making videos of our seminars, webinars and articles and I wanted a simple introduction video to brand our videos. Whilst making corporate and education videos is not hard using software like Camtasia for Windows or Screenflow for Mac. I didn't have the … [Read more...]

Business Valuations For Lawyers Video

A replay of our Business Valuations 101 for Lawyers seminar that we held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. Many people have asked for copies of the seminar papers as they could not make it. It has been a while coming due to a number of technical issues that we have now thankfully resolved. CLE of 40 … [Read more...]

Cash Is King – Video

[jwplayer config="myplayer" mediaid="3401"] As the economic conditions change improving your cashflow will become vitally important for all businesses. The speed at which you convert profits into cash will determine whether businesses will survive in the tough economic conditions ahead. The … [Read more...]

Debtors Days Explained – Video

[youtube]3twY1XUd2iY[/youtube] A quick Dolman Bateman Business Tip. Debtors Days is an important accounting ratio and   key performance indicator (KPI) that provides you with an easy to understand statistic of how many days your debtors are outstanding. So the quick calculation is trade … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Cost of Negative Geared Investment Property – Video

Negative gearing allows you to offset the cost of buying an investment property against your other income. The tax savings from negative gearing reduce the after tax cost of buying an investment property. One of the forgotten aspects of negative gearing is depreciation where you can claim a tax … [Read more...]

Business Structures for Internet Marketers

Understanding the business structures is important to any business, but the low barriers to entry in internet marketing businesses means that the business structures employed are not optimal for both tax and asset protection. … [Read more...]