Is Your Marketing Message or Elevator Speech Holding You Back?

Your marketing message or elevator speech is like a key. If you’ve got the right one, it will help you unlock doors to new business and start the process of converting them to clients. If you’ve got one that is the wrong size or poorly crafted you’ll be locked out in the cold, wondering why your business isn’t growing faster.

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3 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition

by Charlie Cook ©2007 In Mind Communications, LLC, all rights reserved.

Whether you’re a computer technician, financial planner, real estate broker, copywriter, or other service provider, you’ve got lots of competition. There are plenty of other people in the same business going after the same prospects as you. You may be wondering how you’re ever going to get more clients and take your business to the next level.

One thing’s certain; you can’t expect to stand out from the crowd using the same marketing strategy everyone else does. If you want to transform your business, you need to first transform your marketing.
Imagine you raced cars for fun on the weekend. In accordance with class rules your car and everyone else had 75 horsepower and skinny tires. Furthermore, every aspect of your car and driving strategy was highly regulated by these rules. Your acceleration and speed would be limited. Races would be very close and it would be tough to win.

Now imagine that the class rules were suspended and you dropped a 400 horsepower engine in your car, added big road gripping tires, you could modify it any way you wanted and there were no limitations on how you drove and, best of all, everyone else was following the old rules.

You’d have a big advantage. Your car would leap to the front of the pack and stay there. You’d bring trophies home every week.

Marketing the way everyone else does will keep your business stuck in the slow lane. Stick to a typical marketing approach and you’ll get the same results.

Want to stand out from the competition?

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and start using the strategies that help you stand out from the competition and get more clients. There are no marketing rules you have to stick to; it’s results that matter.

Here are three ways to distinguish yourself from the competition and grow your business.

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