Why do Amazon Businesses Fail and Road Map for Success

why do amazon businesses fail, roadmap to business success.

In this video, we discuss why Amazon businesses fail and provide a road map to ensure that you succeed.

I have been a chartered accountant for 25 years and I have examined thousands of different businesses.

The Amazon private Label business model is the best business model that I have seen.

In no other business can you start with a small initial capital investment of $10,000 and turn it into a business earning $1million profit a year within 4-5 years.

And it can do it with organic growth, no extra funding, no vc investment profitable from day 1.

Due to the negligible fixed costs and time involved it is scalable like no other business I have seen.

We have big plans for our Amazon business and not all of it on Amazon but we are going to use the cashflow from Amazon to fund other projects for our products.

But we are not there yet, we have to still build up our Amazon business before we can think about those plans. One step at a time.

But there are naysayers – there is too much competition, the Chinese are coming in and undercutting prices or it is too late – you should have been in 3 years ago.

But I am going to show you that it doesn’t matter and give you an advantage that will put you ahead of 97% of the other sellers on Amazon.