Domestic Care Calculator Updated for New Rates

The Australian Bureau of Statistics updated Average Weekly Earnings on 19 November 2009 for the August quarter. The ABS has however changed the industry classifications used in compiling the report and as a result backcast the data from August 1994 to May 2009. The rates previously published from August 1994 to May 2009 have increased as a result from $0.01 per hour in August 1994 to up to $1.10 per hour in May 2009.

A copy of the August 2009, Average Weekly Earnings 6302.0 can be found here on the ABS Website.

We have updated our Domestic Care Calculator with the new rates. If you are comparing an earlier report, there will an increase in Domestic Care calculations as a result of the new published Australian Bureau of Statistics data.

Our Domestic Care Calculator can be found on under Online Tools and we also have a domestic care calculator built into Lawcalc by Dolman Bateman, our personal injury damages calculator.