Find blog ideas through Technorati

Using Technorati for ideas

Having trouble thinking about what to write about in your blog? Have a look at, a search engine focused on blogs. In addition, to the search functionality, it also provides a list of the top 100 blogs in a variety of categories.

Use Technorati, to browse through the top blogs in your sector to see what they are writing about and get ideas for your blog. Don’t copy someone else’s work – use the ideas to put forward your own ideas on subjects or alternatively write your own opinion on an article and refer back to the original, with links of course.

You can also use Technorati to see what the best blogs in your sector are designed in terms of layouts, email opt-ins, colors and graphics. Most of the top websites will continually be optimising their sites to ensure the greatest conversions.

Can you use some of their ideas and designs to implement in your site?