Business Valuations 101 for Lawyers Seminar

An in-depth review of the most popular business valuation methodology for small businesses – Future Maintainable Earnings.

The value of a business is vitally important for a wide range of litigation and commercial applications.  Lawyers need to understand the principles of business valuations to ensure that they provide the appropriate advice for their clients.

  • Personal Injury Lawyers because self-employed claimants may have lost goodwill / business value as a result of accident.
  • Family Lawyers because the value of a business will be an important component in the property pool and significant influence on the parties expectations.
  • Succession Planning & Tax because the value of businesses has significant implication in terms of tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty.
  • Commercial Litigation because you want to be arguing for something that has some value.
  • Wills & Disputed Estates because the value of a business and the beneficiaries expectation of the business value.

We are holding a one hour lunchtime seminar at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney on Thursday 4 August at 1.00pm to 2.00pm.

Light lunch available from 12.30pm.

Cost:   $100 per attendee, or a special discount for multiple attendees from the same firm.

We use and paypal for our event management.