Making the most of your mail

Make the most of every bit of outgoing mail that you send out and include a flyer, brochure or advertisement.

Do your suppliers buy from you?

What about your suppliers employees, their relatives and their friends? You have already established a trust relationship with them in that you are buying their products or services. How many customers do your suppliers have that could use your services or products? Think about it as building networks.

So when you send a cheque or order to your suppliers – include a brochure – it does not cost any additional postage.

How often do your existing customers buy from you?

When you are sending them an invoice, proposal, marketing letter etc – include a brochure that tells them about all the other services or products that you sell. Include a flyer that includes specials for the month or a copy of your latest advertising.

Many of your customers would like to spend more with you … they already trust you … you have to make them aware of everything that you do and how you can help them.

One of the easiest ways to generate more sales is to send a special offer to everyone who has bought from you before, even if they have not bought from you for years.