The 4 Profit Multipliers – Business Education for Amazon Sellers

In this episode, we examined the fundamentals of business:

  • 4 Profit Multipliers and the compounding effect
  • 5 Foundation Stones to build your business

So what did we learn in the first of our 2016 Business Education Webinars Series for Amazon Sellers.

1. That small 1% increases each month in the 4 profit multipliers can almost triple your profit in one year.

2. That the compounding effect of the 4 profit multipliers can take a business from $800 per month profit to over $26,000 per month profit in just one year.

3. That the profit multipliers work in reverse at a frightening speed, turning a successful profitable business to losses in just six months by virtue of just small changes to the profit multipliers.

4. How you can use the foundation stones of business to lock in the gains and prevent the one step forward one back problem that plagues all businesses.


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