Accountants As Trusted Advisors, Not Messengers

Accountants should be treated as trusted advisors


The role of the accountant needs to change from that of messenger, to that of trusted advisor.

Traditionally, the accountant is someone who prepares tax returns, business activity statements and passed along messages between the tax office and the client.

With the surge in technology within business and taxation, the accountant’s role has needed to adapt and grow. With cloud-based accounting systems, it’s easier than ever for businesses to control their compliance needs.

When a business faces difficulty, the easy answer is to say, “cut costs, increase revenue”. While, on basic terms, this is correct, the better answer is, “seek advice and improve efficiency”.

Often the accountant is turned to as the last resort, when the problem is so big and so scary, the business sees no other way out. By seeking advice early, the problem can be identified quickly, strategies but in place earlier, and your business is stronger.

An accountant also benefits from experience. It is likely they have seen the problems before and have developed clear strategies to benefit their clients.

Instead of viewing Management Reports and meetings as yet another bill to pay, view these as tools to make your business stronger, more profitable and compliant.

A messenger only adds further strain. Having a trusted advisor takes a great weight from your shoulders as a business owner.


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