1.What is the best trading structure for Amazon Sellers? 

We recommend trading under a Company Structure, this is for asset protection purposes and to obtain the company tax rate.

2. Do we need to set up a company per brand? 

No we can set up multiple business names under one company for each brand.

3. Should the company name be the brand name?

This is your choice, but the company name is not as important as your brand name. Your company name will only show up on legal documents. You can change your name or have multiple brands under one company name.

4. Do I need to sell my company when I sell my Amazon product or business to someone else?

No you can transfer the business name and the products including reviews from your Amazon Seller central account to their account.

5. When do we need to set up a company?

You need to setup a company before you make your first order of stock.

6. What’s the best way to set up my Amazon Seller account? 

You are best to set up the account initially in your own name, then once setup is complete and you are online, you change the legal entity once you have your company. This is for a USA seller account only.

7. How long does it take to set up an Amazon Seller Account?

30 minutes to 1 hour.

8.What accounting software should I use?

We recommend using Xero, as it integrates with many apps and other software. It may be a little more expensive then other software, however you will save hours of time and accounting costs. We offer free setup for Amazon Sellers valued at $550.

9. When do I need to engage an accountant?

Keeping your accounts in order from the start will help you know your exact costs as you go and save you hundreds or thousands when we have to prepare your accounts for ATO Later.

10. Do I need to lodge a US tax Return?

Yes, you will need to lodge a US Tax Return, We can lodge this for you.

11. Do we just do Amazon Accounting? 

No, we can mange all your bookkeeping, accounting and taxation needs. We are also financial planners and advisers.

12. Can I use an exisiting company to sell on Amazon?

Yes you can, however, we will need to review the company to confirm this.

13. What are the annual accounting and taxation costs of a Company?

These costs all depend on what stage you are at and what services you would like.  For further information please see our plans page.