Welcome to the Amazon Sellers Club, a clients only area where we will share special training and resources, just for our Amazon Clients to help them grow their Amazon Business.

Market Intelligence


Increase your long tail search volume by finding the best keywords. Track your search rankings. Optimise your listings by including the most relevant keywords. Use coupon code DOLMANBATEMAN to get 5% off.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Competition and Estimated Volume Research Tool. Sales volume is based on the BSR, which moves every few hours. It is important not to look at just one date but averages over a period of time due to effect of giveaways or promotions.

Finance & Accounting

World First

Foreign Exchange Brokers – keep all your money in US dollars. Amazon pays you in USD, you pay your suppliers in USD. Save with the best rate and preserve your gross profit rate. Speak to Ray Liang on 02 8298 4917 and say Arnold referred you.

Customer Service & Reviews

Sales Backer

Email Service that sends followup customer service emails to your Amazon customers. Vital for getting reviews and reducing returns and negative feedback.


Giveaway Boost

Plugin for WordPress. You will need the pro version but simple and effective for running giveaway contests to build your email list.



Third Party Logistics (3PL) based in Geneva, Ohio. They do Prep & Ship, Warehousing & Transport. We are sending our inventory to Truckmen and we will supply Amazon FBA on just in time basis, reducing Amazon monthly & long term storage costs. We will also supply Canada & UK from here as well. Check here for pricing or email Brett Fleischmann at fleischmannbrett@truckmen.com