UK VAT Services

We act as VAT tax agents for Amazon businesses in Australia and throughout the world.

We offer the following services for our clients.

UK VAT Registration:

We can register your entity for UK VAT and as part of our registration process, we:

  • Check that your business structure is the most appropriate for trading in the UK & Europe.
  • Check whether you are eligible for the UK Flat Rate Scheme
  • Check whether the Flat Rate Scheme is the best option for your business (depending on your profit margins and products)
  • Check whether you need to register for VAT in other EU countries.
  • Register your business for UK VAT and apply for a VAT number to provide to Customs and Amazon
  • Act as your UK VAT agent which means we are your point of contact with HMRC saving you time and hassle in dealing with VAT issues.

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 UK VAT Quarterly VAT Returns

As your UK VAT agents, we will:

  • Prepare and lodge your Quarterly VAT Returns with HMRC.
  • Advise you of the Amounts that you need to pay for VAT each quarter.
  • Review your UK & EU sales to ensure that you are still eligible for the Flat Rate Scheme (if applicable)
  • Review your EU sales to determine whether you need to register in other EU countries.
  • Be your point of contact with HMRC to address any issues that may arise with your VAT.

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Note: We act as your VAT tax agents not as your VAT tax representative. A tax representative is jointly liable for your VAT liabilities, we as tax agents are not liable for your VAT liabilities.