Builders Bookkeeper

BuildersBooks was born as we continually found ourselves fixing up many of our construction clients accounts due to unskilled and unqualified bookkeepers.

In the midst of wanting to save fees for our clients and headaches for us, we came up with a solution!

By taking on the role of the bookkeeper with the skills of degree qualified and CA qualified accountants we ensure things run smoothly and correctly from the word go.

We aim to give those in the construction industry the best tax knowledge and assistance throughout the year, instead of only at year end when the compliance side of accounting is needed.

We have seen firsthand the distress for many of our clients who believed that their accounts were being ‘taken care of’ by a bookkeeper, only to realise that simple and complex matter alike had not been correctly dealt with during the year and had led to increased financial and time costs down the line.

By combining the use of our CA certified accountants in a bookkeeping capacity, we ensure that our expertise and experience is applied throughout the year.

Therefore, we keep the financial accounts reflecting what is really happening and save our clients from any nasty surprises at year end.

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