Business Plan Template for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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This business template has been created for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in mind.

The benefits of a business plan include:

  • Business activity planning – to aid you into action and help you identify and evaluate the different parts of your business and any ideas worth considering
  • Communication collateral – to show others and help them better understand your vision which is important when in discussion with venture capitalists, partners and potential customers
  • Maintain focus – ensures a structured approach to efforts in growing your business and a solid framework for strategic decisions

strong>Using the template:

  1. Fill in the sections that apply to you and your business and delete the rest
  2. The highlighted text is there to help describe what to write, delete it after upon complete of the template
  3. When you complete all applicable sections, click of the text in the content area and there should a button to ‘update table’ (may not work for older versions of word)