Business Wisdom Workshops

The Business Wisdom Workshops are for businesses that want to accelerate the growth of their business. Members of the Business Wisdom Workshops receive intensive expert advice anddevelopment of their business skills.

The Business Wisdom Workshops are the most cost effective way that you can receive expert accounting advice on growing your business.

We are doing things very differently to other accountants. The most common experience that people have with their accountants is that they will talk to them once or twice a year predominately about tax related issues. We recognise that business owners want much more.


Now is a time for change.

It is time to make an investment in the protection and security of your business. The current economic conditions will create many new opportunities for businesses. You need to be able to take advantage of those opportunities.
The current conditions are also a time in which only the most efficient businesses will survive, you need to develop your business skills and focus on making your business as efficient as possible.

We will work with you in securing the foundations of your business, teaching you new business skills and strategies and assisting you in implementing those skills and strategies into your business.

As a member of the Business Wisdom Workshops, you will:

  • Achieve a better focus through understanding and concentration on the key driversfor your business.
  • Make better business decisions because your decisions will be based on better information and business skills.
  • Become proactive in your business addressing issues before they become problems.
  • Learn to increase prices without losing volume.
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Understand internet marketing and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Secure the foundations of your business so that you can move forward with new projects and growth.
  • Understand the value of your business and take steps to maximise its value.
  • Simplify your business through systems.
  • Implement new strategies to increase sales and profits
  • Enhance your business skills through continuing education.
  • Develop new ways of looking at your business.
  • Develop a strategy for your business and getting all the functions of your business operating in harmony.

The Dolman Bateman directors are all Chartered Accountants with commercial experience, which means running companies not just advising on tax. We are recognised as experts in our field being regularly called upon to provide the courts with expert accounting testimony.

In addition to Business Wisdom Workshops, Dolman Bateman has tax specialists to ensure that you make the right decisions about tax. We offer upfront fixed fees in respect of compliance work (tax returns, annual financial statements) so you know in advance what your fees will be.