It’s time for your Year End Tax Strategy meeting.

Pre Year End Tax Planning is extremely important as many tax benefits and strategies must be in place before 30 June.

Once past 30 June, the strategies that we can apply to reduce your tax reduce significantly and as a result you may miss out on some of the most effective and valuable tax savings.

We will need to have a meeting with you to discuss your business, where it is now and where you expect it to be.

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Dolman Bateman fees for the Year End Tax Strategy Session are $890 (inc GST) which includes:

  • Our preparation time in reviewing your financials;
  • A one on one meeting (via Skype or In Person), and;
  • Our Recommendations

This offer applies to current clients of Dolman Bateman.

If you are not currently a tax client of Dolman Bateman, please complete the form and we will call you to discuss your requirements and our fees.

Following acceptance, you will receive an email detailing the next steps.