Business Valuations For Lawyers Webinar


We have uploaded the recorded video on our Lawyers Zone member’s area. Here’s a sneak peak of  the video:


The value of a business is often misunderstood by business owners, people looking at buying businesses, accountants and lawyers.

As the valuation of businesses is quite complex, people will often try and simplify the process to justify the value of their business.

In this months webinar, we are going in depth into valuing businesses answering the most common questions that people ask about the value of a business:

  • Does every business have goodwill?
  • When does a business have goodwill?
  • What is the value of:
    • Customer databases
    • Business names
    • Time in business
    • Turnover
  • What are rules of thumb and how are they used?

This webinar will provide case studies and examples of the common mistakes that people make in understanding business valuations and help you help your clients when buying and selling businesses, in Family law and commercial disputes and advising on business issues.

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