Compensation to Relatives Webinar Replay

In this webinar, we discuss the processes that we use in calculating Compensation to Relatives claims and in particular determining the level of dependency.

There are a number of different ways that you can calculate dependency from using the tables in Lundtz, Australian Bureau of Statistics – Household Expenditure Survey or the spouse’s statements and financial documents.

We discuss when to use each method and the problems in applying each version.

There are five steps to calculating loss of financial support:

  1. Probable Earnings of Deceased
  2. Earnings of Spouse
  3. Level of Dependency
  4. Period of Dependency
  5. Calculations

The claimants are also entitled to receive compensation in accordance with the principles set down in Griffiths & Kirkemeyer for services provided by the deceased. We discuss the various methods of calculating care and the basis for determining the rate to be applied.

The webinar replay is 33 minutes.

Compensation To Relatives Webinar Video

Slides available for download here

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