New Xero Feature – Email Invoices or Documents Directly To Your Xero Account

Xero have just added a new feature – the ability to email files directly to your Xero account so that you can attach those invoices directly to your transactions.

If you receive an invoice in your inbox, just forward it directly to your unique Xero email forwarding address and it will show directly in file manager.

This allows you to create a great standard operating procedure where as you receive an invoice from your suppliers or incur expenses you can just email it to Xero and your bookkeeper or accountant can take care of it from there.


Let’s see how we use it. We go to ‘settings’, ‘files’ and we will see ‘send files to this email address’ – this email address is unique for everyone so your email address will be totally different.
We are just going to copy that email address and we are going to open up a contact as we are will be using this a fair bit.

We will call it Xero File Manager and we will just save.

We have an invoice we have just received. Here is an example of one – we use Wistia for managing and hosting our videos and what we are going to do is forward this to Xero File Manager, ‘send’ and we will refresh the page and we will then have the attachment which is a word PDF in our File Manager.

Let’s see what we can do with that – we will go into our ‘dashboard’ and we will look at reconciling – attaching that to a payment – so here is a payment and we are going to assume it is Wistia.

We will add it to subscriptions and then ‘add details’.
Then click this ‘attachment’ button here ‘add from file library’, click the Wistia receipt – add one file – save transaction and reconcile.

If we go back into our File Manager we will see that it is no longer there.

So once you have allocated it to a transaction Xero will remove it from your File Manager