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Financial Advice

How can we help?


How can we help?

  • You’re looking at buying your first home and want help on savings strategies
  • You are making good money but you don’t know where it all goes.
  • You’ve got some savings put aside but that deposit just seems so far out of reach.
  • You enjoy your lifestyle and understand you might spend too much in some areas, but you aren’t sure exactly where.

Dolman Bateman help clients like this every day. In fact, we love helping clients plan for, and work towards buying their first home. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone take the keys to their first home.

What do we do?

  • We help you to analyse your expenses.
  • We break down your fixed expenses which we call living, your discretionary expenses which we call lifestyle and your ? savings or money for your future.
  • We show you how you compare to others just like you, using our benchmarking data. This helps in the next step, which ? is setting your budgets. Planning what you want to spend gets you in the right frame of mind from the outset. Once we ? know what you have to work with, we can determine how much you can afford to borrow and how long it will take to ? get to your goal.

That’s just the start, the exciting part is using Xero Cloud technology and Dolman Bateman Financial to track your progress to your goals.

Dolman Bateman Financial can help almost anyone in some way.

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We are offering a free 30 min consultation to help provide you with the right advice suitable for your personal situation and get you set up on the right accounting path.