Forensic Accounting for Family Lawyers – Seminars

We are pleased to announce two seminars for Family Lawyers to held in Sydney (3 May 2011) and Parramatta (10 May 2011). These seminars, covering creative accounting, business valuations and tax optimisation of property settlements will be jam packed and quick with each session only 30 minutes.

To book your tickets go to:

Sydney 3 May 2011 6:00pm to 7:30pm:

Parramatta 10 May 2011 6:00pm to 7:30pm:

Session1: Smoke, Mirrors & Creative Accounting

Can you trust the Financial Reports?

Learning outcomes:

  • What does the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement reveal about for your client’s (or client’s spouse’s) business
  • What is ‘Creative Accounting’ and how is it applied in a family-run businesses
  • What the typical red flags suggesting that the Financial Statements provided to you are not to be trusted for a valuation

Session length: 30 mins, starting at 6.00pm

Session 2: Challenging Business Valuations in Family Law

Is the expert’s valuation correct?

Learning outcomes:

  • What are the valuation fundamentals relevant to family run businesses for Family Law Purposes
  • Common mistakes made by accountants and valuers in a business valuation for Family Law purposes
  • What are the typical contentious areas in a business valuation for Family Law purposes

Session length: 30 mins, starting at 6.30pm

Session 3: Tax Optimisation of Family Law Settlements

How can you maximise the financial outcome for your client now and in the future?

Learning outcomes – case studies illustrating how independent tax and financial planning advice can help

  • Separate clients’ emotions attached to assets
  • Prevent leakage of the asset pool as a consequence of various taxes and stamp duty
  • Consider best-outcome options based on client’s future needs

Session length: 30 mins, starting at 7.00pm