Business Valuations in Family Law

Our business valuations for Family Law are clear and concise, easily understood by all parties in Family Law litigation. Dolman Bateman directors have extensive courtroom experience and have prepared over 3,000 expert forensic accounting reports across a wide range of industries. We understand the court process and the level of evidence required in litigation proceedings

In the Family Court, almost all business valuations are prepared on a single expert basis. It is important that parties understand the nature of the business in question and the valuation methodogies used in valuing the business. Our reports explain the business, the methodology used in valuing the business and why we have selected that valuation methodology.

Valuation Methodologies

In Family Law, two valuation methodologies are generally used for business valuations, being net realisable assets and future maintainable earnings. Whilst other valuation methodologies may be used due to the nature of businesses in Family law proceedings and the level of  financial information available, future mainatinable earnings and net realisable assets  are often the two most appropriate.

Information Required

In the initial instance we require the following information:

  1. Financial Statements for the past three years for all entities being valued.
  2. Tax returns for the past three years for all entities being valued.
  3. Individual Income Tax Returns for the husband and wife for the past three years.
  4. Business Activity Statements (BAS) for the periods since the last financial statements.

We will also, in most cases, require an interview with the business owner to further understand the business. We have developed systems to ensure that all relevant questions are asked.

We may require further information once we have reviewed the initial information depeneding upon the complexity of the business.

Fee Estimates

We will always provide an estimate of our fees prior to commencing the valuation. We are often asked to provide an estimate of fees prior to the appointment or selection of a single expert.

Please contact us if you wish for an estimate, we are always more than happy to provide an estimate of our fees.