Financial Investigations

We are often asked to undertake financial investigations in Family Law proceedings, utilising our forensic accounting skills and experience, in a wide range of areas including:

Locating Hidden Assets

Financial statements and transactions leave clues as to related companies, trusts and other assets that may not have been previously disclosed. Sometimes there are companies and trusts that are only included at book or nominal value in the accounts but have a significant underlying value.

Appropriateness of Expenditure

Often in Family Law proceedings there are arguments as to whether a level of certain expenditure is appropriate for the business or are essentially private in nature. Travel, marketing, and entertainment expenses often fall into this category. We can provide detailed reports as to whether the costs are appropriate for the business and the industry as a whole.

Complex Family Structures

Many high net worth families have complex financial structures in which ownership and interest span generations. These structures which often include interrelated discretionary trusts, unit trusts, hybrid trusts, partnerships, companies and holding companies are designed for asset protection and tax planning and can be very difficult to understand, and as a result poorly explained. We can provide an explanation of the structure, the ownership interests of the parties, either direct or indirect in a matter that can be easily understood by all involved including lawyers, barristers and judges.

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