Single Expert Witness

Dolman Bateman are experienced as single expert witnesses in business valuations and superannuation valuations in Family Law matters.

Most business valuations and superannuation valuations in Family law are conducted on a single expert basis.

The normal process for the appointment of a single expert witness is for the parties to agree on which single expert to use. A common process is one party to put forward three experts and for the other party to pick one of the three. Where agreement cannot be reached, each party may put forward experts and the Court may choose.

The Family Law Rules 2004 require that “the Court may appoint a person a single expert only if the person consents to the appointment.”

If you wish to put one of the Dolman Bateman directors forward as single expert witness, please contact us and we will:

  1. Ensure that we have no conflicts of interests in the matter,
  2. Provide our consent to act as single expert with a copy of our CV, and
  3. Where possible provide an estimate of our fees for the valuation.