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The Domestic Care Calculator calculates past domestic care in respect of gratuitous attendant care services which are claimable under:

  • s.128 of the NSW Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999
  • s.15 of the NSW Civil Liability Act 2002
  • s.174 of the Victorian Transport Accident Act 1986, or
  • s.281B of the Victorian Wrongs Act 1958

To use the calculator, enter the relevant periods of care between the date of
the accident and the hearing date, and the number of hours per week. If the
level of care changed, enter a new period of care, by clicking the Add New Row button.

When all periods of care have been entered, click the Calculate

The hourly rate is one fortieth of the average weekly total earnings for all employees in New South Wales or Victoria for the relevant quarter as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics .