Calculators Designed for Litigation Lawyers

Our calculators are designed specially for litigation lawyers, made in accordance with the relevant legislation and based on our 20 years of experience in providing expert accounting evidence to lawyers.

Perform Complex Calculations in Seconds

Our calculators enable you to perform complex damages calculations in seconds, saving you time and boosting your productivity. Cut and paste the calculations directly into your Word documents

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Lawyers Section Calculators Available

Pre-Judgment Interest

Calculates pre-judgement interest based on the RBA rate plus 4% in accordance with Federal Court and NSW Supreme Court Rules

Post Judgment Interest

Calculates Post-Judgment Interest at RBA Cash rate plus 6% as per the Federal Court and NSW Supreme Court Rules

Past Domestic Care

Calculates Griffiths & Kerkemeyer claims in accordance with NSW & Victorian legislation. Allows for multiple periods of different levels of care

Future Domestic Care

Calculate future domestic care based on average weekly earnings using the appropriate discount rate. Allows for different levels of care.

Actuarial Factors

Calculates the actuarial factors for a personal injury claim. Age at date of accident, Age now, Number of weeks from accident to now, years to retirement, discount multipliers and more. Just cut and paste directly in Word.

Average Weekly Earnings Economic Loss

Calculate Past & Future Economic Loss for over 350 different occupations based on ABS average weekly earnings. Multiple scenarios can be created in seconds.

Past Economic Loss

Calculates past economic loss based on a single gross weekly earnings amount – takes into account the relevant tax for each year.

Future Economic Loss

calculates future economic loss from gross weekly earnings – provides the net after tax present value based on the appropriate discount rate.

Past Superannuation Loss

Calculates past superannuation loss based on the Superannuation Guarantee amount from 9% to 12% and applies the tax rate on super of 15%.

Future Superannuation Loss

Calculates the present value of future net employer superannuation contribution of between 9% and 12% of gross earnings. Applies a tax rate of 15%.

Fox v Wood

Calculates the Fox v Wood component on refundable workers compensation

Reverse Tax Calculator

Calculates net to gross, weekly and annually. Very handy calculator in personal injury and family law matters.

Life Expectancy Calculators

Calculates either a male or female’s life expectancy based on either the ABS death tables or the medium life expectancies.

Multiplier Tables

shows the numbers of years between two dates and the weekly or deferred multiplier based on a 3%, 5% or 6% discount rate.