Motor Vehicle Log Book iPhone app – making logbooks easy

The logbook method is often the most tax effective method of claiming motor vehicle expenses but people often to fail to complete the manual logbook. A great new iPhone application from Gunn Software – VehicleLog.

At only $9.49, it is a bargain (cheaper than buying a paper version) and makes maintaining a ATO compliant motor vehicle logbook easy.

The VehicleLog iPhone app supports:

  • multiple vehicles
  • calculates and reports your business percentage
  • publishes logbook reports as a PDF
  • and, you can use the GPS function of your iPhone to calculate the distance travelled.

As an added bonus, it will also use your iPhone calendar entries to select the purpose of your trip.

Just remember you only need to keep the logbook for a 12 week period.

The VehicleLog iPhone app walks you through all you need to do for creating your logbook.