Tax Calculators

-Tax Calculators for individual tax for all years between 2002 and 2011, and calculated on a weekly or annual basis.

Negative Gearing Calculat

Negative Gearing Calculator  Calculates after tax out of pocket and cost per week of owning a negative geared investment property

Multiplier Tables

-Find out the multiplier for a given period between two dates. The weekly and deferred tables for 5%, 6% and 3% are available.

Actuarial Factors

– Provides the number of weeks since the accident, the person’s age at accident, their age now, years to retirement, weekly discount rate and their life expectancy.

Domestic Care Calculator

– Calculates Past Domestic Care in accordance with either the NSW or Victorian legislation. Enter the periods of care and click calculate.

Life Expectancy Calculators

-To life expectancy based on a person’s age. Life expectancies based on the Death tables or Medium Life Expectancy can be specified.

Pre-Judgment Interest

– Calculates Pre-Judgment Interest on damages based on nationally harmonised formula being RBA Cash Rate plus 4%.

– personal injury economic loss damages calculator