Arnold Shields CA


+61 2 9411 5422

Arnold is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience working in commercial organisations and as a consultant. He has occupied the position of Director at Dolman Bateman since 1996.

Arnold is involved in all of Dolman Bateman’s key practice areas. Arnold is one of the few specialists in Family Law Superannuation valuations in New South Wales.
Arnold’s specialities in Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support include:

  • Business valuations for the purposes of family law disputes, commercial litigation and business purchase/sale and stamp duty matters.
  • Superannuation valuations for Family Law purposes.
  • Special investigations for commercial and insurance company purposes.
  • Fraud risk assessment and prevention.
  • Preparation of reports for commercial litigation for plaintiffs and defendants including the following types of matters:
    • Misrepresentation in sale of business and the calculation of consequential damages.
    • Fraud investigations.
    • Economic loss resulting from purchase of faulty equipment.
    • Economic loss resulting from breaches of contract.
    • Other breaches of the Trade Practices Act.
    • Economic loss in employment-related disputes.
    • Director and shareholder disputes.
    • Economic loss resulting from product liability claims.
  • Assessment of economic loss in personal injury matters for plaintiffs and defendants.

As well as providing expert evidence in Court, Arnold has also presented a number of forensic accounting papers to various APLA conferences and seminars widely attended by the legal profession. He is also a member of the Forensic Accountants Special interest Group.