The Role of the Strategic Accountant

Strategic Accountant

If you were a business owner, what would be the three most trusted sources of information external to your company? The chances are companies such as ours i.e. accountants, will be one of them, if not the first, that comes to mind.

Even if a business had an amazing product, it alone will not be able to make up for a lack of focus in quantitative strategic accounting decisions, especially in reaching financial success and viability. Therefore it is critical for SMEs to invest in a forward focused accountant who is able to provide strategic advice.

The accounting industry has been experiencing some rapid changes, and many accountants are failing the challenge of meeting changing demands of their clients. Businesses are no longer looking for just ‘bean counters’ but want accountants who can provide advice and guidance on the implications behind the numbers and possibly strategies to increase value and growth.

Strategic accountants look into the future and predict the probabilities for the chances of consolidation and growth phases occurring based on the trajectory of the business, whilst regular activities such as tax reporting are assumed basic services.

We recognise that there is an opportunity in servicing clients who require financial strategies and projections. This has been created from rapid developments in technology that has increased the speed in which business is conducted, due to the creation of powerful data processing applications combined with the increase use of system and process automation.

We believe that business owners are looking for accountants who are

1) Forward thinking – understanding that the purpose of looking into the past and present is to predict the future and prepare for it strategically
2) Networked – to be able to reach numerous contacts from a wide range services from within and outside their own firm to cater for clients and pass on referrals
3) Dedicated – truly putting the client first to gain trust in partnering with businesses, guiding the through a minefield of potential financial threats for the lifetime of the business
4) Responsive – fast response times and real time communications between clients to ensure they are well looked after
5) Articulate – an ability to provide explanations and recommendations without filling conversations with accounting jargon which no one else understands

If you want to find out how a strategic accountant who is focused on the future profitability and success of your business then call us now on (02) 9411 5422 to see how we can help your business.