Understanding Self Managed Super Funds – Webinar

This month, in our popular webinar series, we are examining Self Managed Super Funds.

We were recently involved in a number of litigation matters against financial planners for providing negligent advice.

As part of our investigations, we examined the superannuation industry including returns and how the industry was structured.

What we found concerned us and we realised why Self Managed Super Funds are the fastest segment in the superannuation industry, with the highest member balances.

In light of another poor year of returns in super, it is an opportune time to look at how a Self Managed Fund can help you.

In this webinar, we examine:

  • Our observations following our examination of the industry.
  • Why superannuation is so important to the big Banks and AMP.
  • How retail funds currently invest your money and why fund managers keep posting poor returns.
  • How much work is involved in administering a Self Managed Super Fund.
  • How you can use your self managed fund to buy property
  • Some simple investment strategies that everyone can understand.

The webinar was held at 1pm on 30 August 2012

Slides are available here

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