Understanding Financial Statements – Business Webinar

interest-rate-cutWe recently asked our clients what they would like in our next webinar and the answer was:

Understanding Financial Statements

Business owners are somehow expected to know instinctively how to read the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. There is very little practical education available and textbooks deal with only the theoretical  and conceptual basis for accounting which has little application for businesses in the real world.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  1. To understand the Profit & Loss and what it tells you about your business.
  2. The 3 vital components that tell us immediately the vitality, strength and performance of any business.
  3. How to read a Balance Sheet and how to focus on the important drivers of your business.
  4. Understand the relationship between Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet.
  5. Banks and potential purchasers of your businesses view your financial statements.

This webinar will have practical examples and case studies and techniques that you can apply to quickly understand what your accounts are telling you about your business.

When:         Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Time:          1pm to 2 pm

Where:      Online Webinar


Space is limited.

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