Video Introduction for $5

Not everyone likes to read and we have been making videos of our seminars, webinars and articles and I wanted a simple introduction video to brand our videos.

Whilst making corporate and education videos is not hard using software like Camtasia for Windows or Screenflow for Mac. I didn’t have the time, skills or inclination to make a good looking brand video so I came across an outsourcing site called, where people will create videos, logos, voiceovers, graphics and just about anything else for just $5.

Five dollars was worth a shot. There was a number of people who offered to do video introductions so I tried 2 different providers with different ideas to see what one looked the best.

I signed up to Fiverr and ordered the introduction videos. I just uploaded our logo and some simple text that was to be included in the video.

The first supplier delivered the video with 2 days and the other never delivered and actually had his account cancelled so refunded my money very quickly.

The video was delivered as an MP4 file and now I just drag it into the beginning of the video in Camtasia or Screenflow (I use both) and it is right to go.

Below is our 12 second introduction with music.