Worried you missed the tax return lodgement deadline?

Late Lodgement Tax ReturnNeed to lodge your tax return late?

The due date for lodgement for your 2011 tax returns was 31 October 2011.

Missed the deadline?

It is important that you arrange to have your tax return prepared and lodged now so as to avoid hefty penalties by the ATO.

Are there fines/penalties?

ATO fines can be excessive and the table below gives an indication of how much the ATO can charge you in late lodgement penalties AND interest for lodging your tax return late.

Days Past Deadline 

Late Lodgement Penalty

General Interest Charge 

1 – 28 days $110 Interest will be charged on any amount of tax owed to the ATO from October 31 at a rate of 11.86% per annum
29 – 56 days $220
57 – 84 days $330
85 – 112 days $440
113+ days $550

If you have already registered your details with a registered tax agent or accountant, you may be eligible for an extension depending on your circumstances.

If you haven’t registered with an accountant or tax agent, it is important you arrange to lodge your tax returns now so as to avoid penalties and fines from the ATO.

What if I have to pay?

If you have a tax debt, the earliest you will have to pay it is 21 November. However, this date depends on the date you lodge your tax return.

It is never too late to lodge a tax return, and lodging them voluntarily helps to avoid heavy fines in instances where the ATO has to chase you!

Missing Information?

If you have lost your PAYG certificate or other important information we may be able to help you track down this information.

We can prepare and lodge your income tax returns. Call us now on 02 9411 5422 or email Kara at kara@dolmanbateman.com.au to find out more.