Xero How To: Create A Recurring Invoice

In this quick video, I will show how to create a recurring invoice in Xero. Ideal for maintenance contracts, where Xero will automatically email an invoice to your customer each month, week or fortnight.


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A recurring invoice is ideal for any business where you need to invoice clients the same amount to every month like a maintenance plan and set this up and Xero will automatically email an invoice to them each week, fortnight, month, year whatever you happen to decide as a frequency.  So let’s look at setting up a recurring or repeating invoice in Xero.

So you go to Accounts à Salesà NEW à and on the dropdown menu click Repeating Invoice.  So the first thing we have here is the scheduling details.  So we can say we are going to do it once every week or month and we are going to invoice at the beginning of each month so starting 1 September in this case and the due date and we’re going to make it 7 days and we’re going to have it for the next year.

One of the things with this if you’re going to set up a recurring invoice or recurring payment details in say Eway where it automatically comes out of their credit card each month, you can set the invoice date as the same date you set it comes out of their credit card.  Then we set up the customer details.  In this case we’re going to invoice Cubeland and we are going to put in a purchase number which they have provided to us, it could be something else, the invoice number will be automatically generated.  We are going to come back to this section in a little while.

Then we have the item details, we are going to call it Support – $500 per month, it is going to sales, it has GST on income, we may include the region or any other tracking categories we have got there so we could say North and tax exclusive or inclusive.  If we are generally dealing with businesses, we are going to going to choose tax exclusive so the GST is shown down here.  So that’s almost all we have to do there.  Now we have a choice, we can save it as a draft in which case you might do that if your PA or your VA is creating these and then you have to approve them so they can save it as a draft.  You can also approve or approve with sending.  So we’re going to go with Approve with Sending and it will come up with an edit message and we have a template we can change but we can change this one around.  If you have credit card facility or pay pal set up on your invoices under the template, they will be able to pay the invoice using the link herein the email or in the invoice itself it will have a clickable link.  So we hit SAVE there and SAVE AGAIN.  All your repeating invoices will show up in under this repeating tab so it begins the first of September and ends the following year and will be approved and sent.  You can change that so it’s just approved and sent out a different way.