Xero How To Create A Sale Invoice

In this quick video, I will show you how to create a sales video in Xero.


To create a sales invoice in Xero, we click on Accounts –> Sales – New and we select the client.  We need to fill in customer details first so we will fill in City Limousines, the date of the invoice and the due date or that will automatically turn up based on the payment terms are, the invoice number which should automatically be generated depending on your preferences and the reference which could be a purchase order, whatever reference you get from the client and your invoice that you are going to use for your branding which should be set up as a default as well.

Once you have done that the next step is to set up the item details.  So in this case we have a multi-currency version but Australian dollars and we are going to have it tax exclusive.  You would probably use tax inclusive for business to consumer and tax exclusive for business to a business because they are going to get the GST back anyway.

So we select the item, you could select none or add the details in and we’re going to invoice 10 golf balls at $5.60, there’s no discount and it should automatically come up with an account number which will be set up and the item and we will end up with the GST and income and you can have a variety of different things here – the two most common will be with GST on income or GST free exports if you are invoicing overseas and out of Australia and the tracking code which will be region so in this case there are 4 regions set up but you can have any different types of tracking codes you want.  So that’s the process there of setting up and you go through and continue that for each line item.  Give it a quick check.

Then you can either save it as a draft, save and continue editing, save and submit it for approval so someone else can look at it and approve it so you use this if you VA or personal assistant is creating the invoices and you’re approving them or if you can save and add another and go through the process.  So we’re going to in this case approve the transaction and so now we have got a couple of options we can do.

Now if City Limousines have actually paid $60 that day and you wanted to show as an invoice been paid you can fill in these details and it will show on the invoice as paid or been you can email it to them.  You just click email and it will invoice to that person.  The sales invoice is basic so there is an email template here and you can select different types such as overdue payment and if you have got Eway or Pay Pal or credit card payment facility set up, this online invoice link will enable the people to either click the invoice or click this link in the email, and it will take them directly to your Xero account where they can pay it by credit card directly and it will automatically link to that invoice as well.  Click send and that’s the process done!