How To Integrate Xero & eWay – Credit Card Facility for Your Invoices

One of the great integrations with Xero is eWay on line payment gateway. By creating an account with eWay you can have a payment link on your invoices that will enable your customers to pay that invoice with their credit card.

One of my clients set up the eWay Xero integration and that day clients started paying her by eWay. This is a big time saver because her clients process the payment.

Previously she had to manually enter the credit card information into the credit card terminal and then the transaction had to be applied to the correct invoice, saving her the problem of allocating receipts to invoices in her accounting system, which is a problem for many businesses.

So in this video I am going to show you how to set up your eWay account and also integrate it with Xero. The first thing you need to do is to go onto the eWay account and basically sign up.

The first step is setting up an eWay account and that happens fairly quickly – just a matter of filling out some details – you name, your business etc. and then the next step is getting what is called a merchant facility number from your bank and basically you will need to apply to your bank and they will require a number of things to be done on your web site if necessary, depending on the level of integration you have between your web site, whether you get payments that way, or just using Xero, as to how difficult it is to get that internet merchant facility.

Once you have both of those, then you can start integrating your eWay with Xero. Now we have completed ‘the connect to bank’ step in eWay and received our unique internet merchant facility number we then need to integrate Xero with eWay.

We need to define a couple of things in Eway first and then a couple of things in Xero. You only need to do it once so eWay and Xero can talk to each other.

What we are doing is going to ‘my account’, ‘user security’, ‘manage roles’ and we are creating a roll called Xero – it then says ‘roll called Xero is created’. We then have to create a user for that roll so we then have to create another user called Xero and we will call them Xero again and we are going to use that.

So we now have a new user – we will now have to create a new Api key for that – we will then just copy that Api key – ‘invoice settings’, ‘payment services’, and we have eWay here ‘service details’, ‘Api key’, ‘password’ and now that has been updated.