Amazon Case Study – Competitive Intelligence

Links: Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Treehouse Metrics Transcript: This weeks case study is how you can spy on your competition – learning from their mistakes and profiting from their successes. We are going to look are the information that is readily available and go deep into the data. Competitive Intelligence is the action of defining,

Working Capital

What is Working Capital and why is it important? Working capital is usually dryly defined in accounting text books as “current assets less current liabilities”.  Which, to be honest, doesn’t mean much to anyone and why is it important in running your own business. The lack of working capital is the reason that many profitable

Pricing Your Amazon Product

I have been researching products on Amazon using the Jungle Scout extension and a common thread applied throughout almost all the searches: Price is not the dominant factor. In many cases, the best selling product was the most expensive. The relationship between price and volume was not lower prices = higher volume but higher prices =