Australian Amazon Sellers using LLC’s beware of $10,000 penalties

Australian Amazon sellers using LLC’s to conduct their Amazon business in the USA should be aware of new changes to the reporting requirements for LLC’s owned by foreign entities (individuals & corporations). See article from Ernst Young Foreign owned LLC’s (LLC’s with 25% or more foreign ownership) are now required to complete Form 5472 and

Amazon Sellers – 30 June Year End To Do List

It’s the end of the Australian Financial Year. Below is a step by step procedure to collating all the information that we need to complete your financial statements and tax returns. Now is the best time to do it. For most Amazon Sellers this will take no longer than 1 hour and then it’s done

Amazon Case Study – Competitive Intelligence

Links: Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Treehouse Metrics Transcript: This weeks case study is how you can spy on your competition – learning from their mistakes and profiting from their successes. We are going to look are the information that is readily available and go deep into the data. Competitive Intelligence is the action of defining,

Working Capital

What is Working Capital and why is it important? Working capital is usually dryly defined in accounting text books as “current assets less current liabilities”.  Which, to be honest, doesn’t mean much to anyone and why is it important in running your own business. The lack of working capital is the reason that many profitable